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Ready, set, rodeo as five of six Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo team rosters unveiled in Nashville

Kid Rock, team coaches “Marveling” at team-based rodeo rosters


PUEBLO, Colo. – While the idea of Kid Rock and PBR teaming up to host one of the most revolutionary rodeo and entertainment events in Western sports history has been common knowledge for a few months now …

… fans, coaches and even Kid Rock himself have patiently been doing their research ahead of Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo, slated to invade Arlington, Texas, and AT&T Stadium May 17 with a game-changing lineup of rodeo and musical performances.

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And for as much anticipation as Bob and company have created since announcing the idea in early 2024, the excitement has only further amassed since team names, coaches and assistant coaches for the uniquely-formatted event were announced over the past three months.

Attempting to evolve the entertainment landscape while providing a balanced and “disciplined” competition avenue, the world-renowned performer did his best Thanos impression Tuesday night as he continued collecting Infinity Stones inside his downtown Nashville stomping ground.

With the enticing new entity officially announcing personnel for five of the six Kid Rock N Rodeo squads, selected accordingly during the league’s draft earlier this winter, Kid Rock will now have to await the results of the WCRA’s (World Champions Rodeo Alliance) Rodeo Corpus Christi on May 11 in Corpus Christi, Texas, before snapping his fingers in Arlington.  

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Led by Head Coach Bobby Mote and Assistant Coach Linsay Rosser-Sumpter, Team Free Riders will be comprised of the top two finishers in each discipline at the event, not already selected by a team.

While it hasn’t cost him “everything” quite yet, we can confirm that the rock n roll all-star has devoted endless hours to the spicy new concept. And we aren’t talking about sound checks, either, as the well-rounded talent continues contributing his business expertise while mixing in some spirited remarks and borderline unthinkable suggestions.

Then again, nobody is here looking to come out of this thing even. Not the riders, and sure as hell not Kid Rock, or PBR. We’re in the business of putting on a show, and that’s exactly what fans can expect in two short months when the very athletes drafted to their respective teams hit the turf with matching uniforms for the first time in rodeo history.

The one thing we know for sure: While PBR has never gone full-fledged rodeo (having broken away from the remaining traditional rodeo disciplines some 30+ years ago), the organization has gone above and beyond in not only promoting, but already growing the PBR Camping World Team Series, as the league announced last month that it would already be expanding from eight to 10 teams.

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The unique rodeo format and team-based bull riding aren’t exactly the same product by any means. However, the idea of additional North American sporting franchises making their way to the Western sporting world will always appeal to needle-movers and decision-makers throughout the entertainment landscape.

Combine those appreciating assets with the successful launch of the camaraderie-driven, 5-on-5 league and it’s no surprise the idea has been adopted into the world of rodeo.

A lot can be said about the new game-changing entertainment format and the class of athletes who are set to re-familiarize bull riding fans with traditional rodeo. Featuring round-based competitions in each of the bareback riding, breakaway roping, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, tie-down roping and team roping disciplines, teams will soon find out just how successful their talent-selecting skills were after welcoming up to 16 athletes to their year one squads.

Of the 70 athletes welcomed to one of five drafted teams, 54 have earned World Championships at various points in their respective PRCA and WPRCA careers. Combining for 39 NFR aggregate wins and more than 400 overall NFR qualifications (405), the pack of drafted competitors have collectively brought home more than $89 million dollars and will look to add to those money earnings on May 17, with $1 million up for grabs for the winning team!

As a result of the dramatic skill-spreading showdown, it was bareback rider Rocker Steiner who will forever have his name cemented alongside Jose Vitor Leme (selected No. 1 over by the Austin Gamblers during the inaugural 2022 PBR Teams Draft), as Team Jokers went “all-in” by not only selecting the young talent No. 1 overall but doing so by positioning themselves via a trade with Misty Mountain Top.

Opting into the quality over quantity approach, Jokers didn’t mind sliding back in the draft overall, as long as it meant getting their franchise-starting pillar in Steiner. While the two-time NFR qualifier, 2022 Resistol Bareback Rookie of the Year and 2024 For Worth Stock Show and Rodeo winner is very much worth the first overall selection, set to give his squad an instant leg-up advantage in the bareback riding world.

Already on record stating the coolest guy he’s met in life is Kid Rock himself, he seems to be not only the organizational starting point for Jokers, but quite the event promoter as well. At just 20 years of age, surely his father, and team head coach, Sid Steiner, knew what the squad would be getting in selecting the prodigy who’s currently ranked No. 1 in PRCA rankings.  

He also knew better than to play favorites, as Steiner eventually selected his daughter, Steely Steiner, as a barrel-racing competitor, but skip and friends opted into welcoming Brittany Tonozzi with their seventh overall selection as the team’s first-drafted barrel-racing athlete (seventh overall). Due to trading away some early-draft selections to Misty Mountain Top in being able to acquire the No. 1 overall pick, Jokers didn’t draft again until No. 24, which the team utilized to choose three-time NFR qualifier (steer wrestling) Dirk Tavenner.

Planning to plant their flags within the bareback riding, barrel racing and steer wrestling disciplines, evident so in executing trades to ensure top-ranking athletes in each of the three, Team Jokers’ draft-day strategy of locking down what should be competitive advantages in three of the six could be huge for squad in the survive or go home competition format, no doubt. But will giving away some of those early-round selections cause the squad to endure some depth concerns? Only time will tell, but if the Gamblers comparisons continue (which even includes the fact that the PBR Teams squad loaded up in acquiring Dalton Kasel midseason in year one, with a similar, win-now approach), they could be looking at some early success if all goes well.

Electing to draft 2017 World Champion steer wrestling specialist Tyler Pearson with the second overall selection, Low Riders’ coaches Trevor Brazile and Dale Brisby went the veteran-heavy direction, as the 39-year-old, five-time NFR qualifier has seen it all en route to earning more than $1.22 million. Most recently winning the 2024 National Western Stock Show and Rodeo, he’ll join an established heavy-hitter in Sherry Cervi (selected ninth overall), who will look to thrive amongst her barrel-racing peers. Decorated to the nines, and then some, the 19-time NFR qualifier has taken home more than $3.3 million in career earnings, which continues to represent the most money won in the WPRA.

With 26-year-old Leighton Berry joining the squad via the 12th overall pick in the draft, the three-time NFR qualifier will look to join forces with Jacob Lees (selected 32nd overall) in providing a solid presence in the bareback riding category, as the gentlemen combine to serve as the highest-drafted combo within that discipline, averaging a No. 22 overall draft ranking. Meaning they should be rather competitive in each of bareback riding, barrel racing and steer wrestling events. However, as one of two teams who didn’t make any personnel or pick swaps, they should be rather deep overall, with two-time NFR aggregate winner Tuf Cooper set to hold down tie-down roping duties after being selected No. 19 overall, the fourth-highest selection used to satisfy that discipline.

Speaking of tie-down standouts, Shad Mayfield was the first selected among the bunch. But after being chosen third overall by Team Sledge Hammers, the contingent elected to send the 2020 World Champion to Team Convoy in exchange for 2023 World Champion Riley Webb. Which was a bit of an odd move, all things considered, because Sledge Hammers had already welcomed three-time NFR qualifier John Douch with the draft’s sixth selection. Hoping to win that round with flying colors while remaining prepared for the possibility of injuries, there’s no doubt Sledge Hammers will be favored to earn gold in tie-down roping competition. A bit young overall, Sledge Hammers is one of the more top-heavy teams that will need to lean on a little bit of good fortune once some of its depth athletes come into play.

For Convoy, they’ll look to Webb to hold things down in tie-down roping while counting on No. 4 overall selection Sarah Angelone to bring home gold in the breakaway roping. The 2022 WPRA all-around champion was the first and only breakaway roper drafted within the first 37 picks, so to say she has a big star next to her name within the team’s lineup would be a bit of an understatement. Doubling down at No. 38, the team welcomed Shelby Meged to officially lock down the discipline. Prioritizing team roping in a similar vein, Convoy selected the duo of Dustin Egusquiza (six-time NFR qualifier) and Levi Lord (three-time NFR qualifier) 23rd overall, becoming just the second team to allocate draft assets to that event. But after seeing Misty Mountain Top sweep the board’s top talents in Kaleb Driggers and Junior Nogueira (No. 13 overall) followed by Tyler Wade and Wesley Throp (No. 17 overall), Convoy may just be contenders in that category rather than champions.

As for the final of the five squads, Misty Mountain Top seems to have one of the deepest and most talented rosters at this point, partially in due to the benefits of sending its No. 1 overall pick to Jokers in exchange for quality second and third-round depth options. Enjoying picks at 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 20, 21, this year’s Money Ball squad revealed themselves early. And after looking at their haul of quality contributors, they have to be amongst the early favorites to win it all.

Featuring the likes of five-time World Champion (steer wrestling) Tyler Waguespack (No. 8 overall), who was the second highest drafted steer wrestling specialist, and four-time NFR qualifier Stetson Jorgensen (No. 30 overall), Misty Mountain Top spent the most draft capital in ensuring the squad they’d be frontrunners in this department, averaging a No. 19 overall selection in filling out that portion of the roster. Executing the same approach within the saddle bronc category, via selecting Statler Wright No. 11 overall and Lefty Holman at the No. 21 spot, the duo averaged a No. 16 overall draft spot as the team looks to the talents to lead the way to victory.

Rounding out the squad with four-time qualified Wenda Johnson (selected tenth overall), who’s set to team up with LaTricia Duke in holding do (No. 21) on the barrel racing front, coaches Charmayne James and Justin McKee may be new to this whole draft thing, but they sure seemed to knock it out of the park, all things considered.

Kid Rock’s Rock N Rodeo fans can stay tuned to and for additional draft analysis, team breakdowns, coach interviews and beyond as the game-changing event continues to gain traction ahead of the May 17 showdown!